Race Nomination – payment page


You have successfully nominated to race at our next SEKQLD Round.

Here’s what you need to ensure:-

Important COVID-19 COMPLIANCE Information
Anyone not listed on the entry form that is attending the event must enter their contact information on the following link.
COVID-19 Compliance Information
This is compulsory for all attending the venue.

Ensure that every driver holds a valid licence (AASA, Karting Australia, KNSW or CAMS equivalent) with an expiry up to and including the date of our next event or beyond.

Deposit your money by the due date on your invoice.
Entry Fees – please refer to your invoice:-

Twin Engine Enduro – $399 per kart entered
Single Engine Sprints – $60 per driver entered (Cadet & Junior)
Single Engine Sprints – $70 per driver entered (Senior)
F100 – $70 per driver entered
Single Engine 2hr Enduro – $140 per team entered (reduced to $100 if entered in Sprint)
Single Engine 6hr (Sunday) Enduro – $349 per team entered (reduced to $329 if entered in Sprint)

Please ensure that you pay for your race tyres (if ordered) at the same time as the race nomination (as per your invoice)
Dunlop SL1 (slick): $200
Dunlop KT12 SLW2 (wet): $250

You can pay your fees into the following account:
Account Name: SEKQLD Operations Account
BSB: 484-799
Account Number: 053129535
Please use your invoice number as the reference. (you will receive your invoice via email shortly)